How To Claim Delayed Baggage Compensation – A Guide

Last updated on June 21, 2019

This post will give you in-depth guidance on how to claim for delayed baggage, whether it ends up lost or simply comes late, and how to make sure you get the compensation you may be due. All the necessary information can also be found through our web app.

1. Contact a Baggage Claim Desk

As soon as you notice your baggage is missing, contact the Baggage Claim Desk, which is located within the airport (usually near the baggage carousels) and inform the staff about the situation. If there is no desk around, get in touch with the airline whose aircraft you were on. Always treat the staff with respect – this your best hope for the moment, so it’s better to get along well.

2. File your delayed baggage claim immediately

For a delayed baggage claim, staff will usually advise you to file your claim through a property irregularity report (PIR). This an official document that you must fill in before leaving the airport.

You can speed up the paperwork if you have the following information to hand:

    • reservation number (found on your flight ticket)
    • baggage tag number (usually attached to your boarding pass at check-in)
    • description of your baggage (manufacturer, size, color)
    • address where you will be staying
  • contact details

Once the property irregularity report is completed, you’ll receive a filing number and a copy of the report. Don’t lose this: you will need it for tracking your baggage afterward. Make sure you also note down telephone number for the baggage desk.

3. Request an overnight kit

You probably don’t need the kit if your baggage is lost on your way home. Somehow, however, it always seems to happen when you’re abroad. If that happens, you should ask for an overnight kit. Almost every airline has a kit ready for this kind of scenario but only a few of them provide it automatically, so you should always ask. The kit isn’t anything special but it will definitely help in a pinch. It usually contains shampoo, soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, a razor and shaving cream. You may also find a deodorant, phone card, nylon stockings, aftershave and an XXL t-shirt you can sleep in.

4. Ask for an allowance for reasonable expenses

You can request an allowance for reasonable expenses to cover replacement clothes and other expenses. As with the overnight kit, airlines don’t usually offer the allowance so make sure you ask them.

If you’re lucky, you might get an allowance in the form of cash, or vouchers for local shops. Usually, the staff will tell you a figure that the airline will refund you for – don’t forget to keep all receipts for these expenses, as you’ll need them to claim the refund. Simply ask the staff politely and they should be able to tell you how much the airline is willing to cover.

We asked our friends at The Points Guy – the air travel blog that teaches you how to maximize frequent flyer miles and credit cards to work for you – and they gave us the following opinions on how to cover your additional expenses for delayed baggage:

With higher fees to deter people from checking bags  – and better tracking technology – airlines still manage to lose suitcases. Here, your credit card may come in handy as many credit cards offer all kinds of protection if you use them to pay for travel. This could range from lost luggage to car rental insurance and, in the case of lost or delayed luggage, they will reimburse your expenses while you await your bag. Review the terms of your credit cards to see which ones will protect you best when things go wrong.

5. Check the status, wait and be patient

If you’ve completed the paperwork, asked for an overnight kit and for reasonable expenses to be covered, you are free to leave the airport. For now, there’s not you can do except waiting for your baggage and hoping it’ll be found soon. Airlines usually expect the baggage to appear on their next flight, so wait for at least 24 hours. If the airline’s staff still haven’t got back to you, call the number you got at the baggage claim desk and if there’s been any progress.

You can also track the progress of your file online, using the World Tracer Tool. This lets you check the current status of your delayed baggage and modify delivery and contact information, which comes in very useful once you change accommodation.

Usually, it won’t take more than a few days before you’re reunited with your baggage – just hope it doesn’t happen at the end of your stay.

6. Claim your rights formally

You must claim your rights formally, in the form of a written complaint, in order to request a payment for your additional expenses, up to EUR 1,250,-, This is stated by the Montreal Convention. Airlines won’t give you anything until you ask them. In the case of delayed baggage, the complaint must be made at the latest within 21 days of the date the baggage was meant to arrive.

To claim for delayed or lost baggage,  contact us directly through our web app and we can process all the paperwork for you. We operate on a no win no fee basis, so we only charge a fee if your claim is successful.

Check Your Claims

There is a possibility that your baggage won’t be delivered. If the delivery is delayed by more than 21 days, your baggage is considered lost. Lost baggage will be covered in a future post  – sign up to our newsletter and we’ll keep you posted.

Hopefully, you have found this guide useful. It would be great to hear from you in the comments – how many times have you had your bags delayed? What’s your opinion of airlines’ customer service? What did you get in your overnight kit? Let us know!

97 thoughts on “How To Get Compensations From Codeshare Flight

  1. Hi, I need some advice please. We booked a flight with BA from Los Angeles to Manchester (via London Heathrow). The LA to Heathrow leg was operated by American Airlines although we have a BA ticket number. We missed our Heathrow to Manchester connection and neither BA or AA are admitting liability. AA have given us $1000 apology in travel vouchers but say they are not liable for compensation as they are not EU based. My argument is that I bought a BA ticket and they are operating a flight on behalf of an EU airline and are codesharing through their OneWorld Alliance. Lots of emails going back and forth between me and AA. Is it worth pursuing this as they are adamant that they are not liable. Advice please

    1. Hello Alison,
      The key information is if AA was an operating carrier or not. If not, then it’s not covered by regulation 261 EC and so the 1k voucher would be probably the best you can get. You can verify it on for example. There could be a possibility to get refunded your costs spent on the alternative flight (if you had to pay it on your own costs) via Montreal Convention and its Article 19. Jakub

  2. Hi Jakub, wonder if your expertise can help me…

    I recently flew from Australia PER to Italy FCO via DBX (5th July). My bag was delayed in DBX and I eventually received it 10 days later in Scotland. I’m having trouble getting sense out of Qantas and Emirates. Flights booked on points with Qantas but carrier was Emirates.

    During those 10 days I had to buy clothes for hot beach weather in Italy, France, and had to waste time visiting doctors to get my partner medication that was in the delayed case. I also had to hire a Scottish Kilt for my university Graduation (mine was in the delayed case) not to mention the time and money spent calling the delayed baggage AlItalia staff in Rome (they mixed up addresses).

    Return flight from GLA to KUL – I was charged 420GBP for 10kg’s excess baggage due to the extra case I had to get to take the additional clothes – despite my partner having no carry-on. It then took Emirates 1.5hrs to get that 3rd case off the plane by which time i missed my Air Asia connecting flight to PER. We had to pay AU$330 for new flights 9 hours later which were not business class that I had received as a gift for graduation

    Qantas passed the buck to Emirates but Emirates are not responding to emails ( from an address i was given in Glasgow. I’ve chased Qantas again after reading this article – thank you.

    Do you have any advice?!

    1. Hi Andy, this really sounds like a nightmare! Thanks for sharing your story with us. You should definitely be compensated both for baggage mishandling (and related expenses) and your extra expenses during the return flight. It is the best if you can prove all expenses with relevant receipts / invoices. I believe that the email address to Emirates is correct, but not responding to your messages is just a common practice of major airlines. I would really like our team to mediate your case for you to help you get what you certainly deserve… just reply to this message or register your case through our website. And congrats for the graduation 🙂 Jakub

  3. bought china air ticket amsterdam bangkok,, at the china air check in service dest the women tore my passport, i was told i couldn’t fly. the women supposedly a k.l.m agent that ripped my passport wouldn’t identify herself, she confessed to the police she ripped my passport, as i could be overstay. they refused to write a report. i dragged my bags back to my last accommodation, by train, bus. got a emergency passport the next day, and on the 3rd day returned to the airport to rebook my flight . i asked for a upgrade and was denied saying it wasn’t policy, waited for more money to make the transit and on my final day of legality in europe 5 days later went back to the airport to leave, i asked to be compensated for my emergency passport and had the receipt. although the china air women had a blank check and photo copied my documents she refused to make a check out and told me that i should get the money from k.l.m? she was also rude to me and incompetent stating that she might lose my photo copies. as i paid china air are they not my provider and the k.lm agent hired by china air representing china air, what is her job, as i paid them why do i need to go to k.lm? is this correct of a runaround of bullshit, ? i contacted the e-mail the china air gave me and i told them i wanted my ticket money back to my credit card,, they said they would give me 150$ in vouchers to have all this fun again without compensating me for the problems they caused me, i became angry and called them assholes and tid bit goofball, and idiots.. and that i would prefer to continue a online assault .. who is liable?

    1. Hello Ingie, firstly I must say that this issue is quite out of scope of our services. To me it seems reasonable to claim this damage to China Air as you have mentioned it was basically the their employee who has caused the damage. However, I haven’t found any leverage to use in your favor, so it will depends on how far you are willing to negotiate with the airline. Hope it helps at least a little bit and wish you good luck!

  4. Hi Jakub,
    I had a flight booked via BA for LAX-LHR-BLR with a stop over at London of a few days.
    My flight from LAX-LHR was cancelled (BA 1540) but apparently it was operated by AA. When I booked, the booking confirmation never mentioned that it was a code shared flight. When I checked with BA, they declined by request for compensation as they said they are not the operating airline. Is there anything I can do?

    Tejus Datta

    1. Hi Tejus, thanks for your comment. Well, the codeshare information was most probably mentioned before your final confirmation – I think that booking platforms are obliged to inform buyers about this information. Regarding your entitlement to the compensation, it’s true that the flight would have to be operated by the EU-based airline (BA in your case) in order to get the compensation based on the EU regulation. Another option is to claim compensations based on the Montreal Convention – but you have to prove extra expenses that occurred due to the cancellation of the flight. Let me know if we can help you claim it this way. Thank you, Jakub

  5. Hi, I recently flew from Dallas to Chennai via Newark and London. The entire ticket was marketed by British airways : BA 2511 – Dallas to Newark, BA 188- Newark to London, BA35- London to Chennai. My flight from Dallas to Newark was delayed by more than 3 hours, hence I missed my connecting flight BA188 to London. I was re booked on Flight BA 188 the next day ( delayed by 24 hours at Newark ) with a connecting flight booking in BA35 to Chennai.When I claimed compensation with BA , they said that BA 2511 is not operated by BA ( Though the flight schedule at Dallas Airport mentions that BA 2511 Departs at 13.05 Hrs ) and requested me to claim from American airlines. What should I do?

    1. Hello Ashok, this is a classic codeshare issue. It is usual to see one flight marketed as even 5 or more airlines. However, the truth is that the operating carrier is the only one responsible – and thus by the operating carrier it determines whether or not there is an entitlement for a compensation, under the regulation 261 for example. Hope it helps at least a bit 🙂

  6. Hey Jakub,

    Recently flew on an Iberian flight from barcelona to krakow. Marketed by Iberia (and who I bought tickets through) and operated by Vueling. Paid extra for seat assignments but when we got to the gate, they said sit where you’d like which we thought strange. I also noticed that the plane and crew were branded from Evelop! which appears to be a contract airline. About 40 minutes outside of krakow, we were told our plane was too big to land there and we were being instead landing at warsaw.

    We landed in warsaw 1 hour after our scheduled landing in krakow and then were bused for 4-5 hours to krakow. I feel like we’re due compensation but not sure if it’s under canceled flight since we never flew to our original destination or under delay since we eventually arrived at krakow at 530 am instead of 1030 pm the night before? Also, is vueling responsible sine they were the operating airline or evelop! since they actually flew it? Thanks.

    1. Hi Jeff, thank you for your interesting question.
      Firstly, I have to mention that such a experience is very unprofessional from the airline and honestly I have never seen something similar before.
      To answer your question, operating carrier should be the one responsible for it. Also, I am pretty sure that the entitlement is due in your case, based on certain Judgments related to the regulation, the delay at the final destination is what matters. So, as your delay was about 7 hours I would consider this case as valid for making a claim. Let me know in case of any further questions and good luck with your claim! Jakub

  7. Hi Jakub. I had flight bought through BA from Reno via Dallas and London to Manchester. The Dallas-London operated by AA was 3 hours late arriving in Heathrow. This caused us to miss the onward connection to Manchester operated by BA. BA rebooked me for the next day resulting in a 24 hour delay. Where do I stand with a claim? It was actually the Manchester leg that was unreasonably late.

    1. Hi Clive, so sorry for my late response, I missed you comment. Since the delay occured on Dallas – London leg operated by American Airlines, there is no entitlement to compensation. It would have had to be operated by EU-based airline (e.g. British Airways). I hope it helps, although the outcome is not positive. Thanks, Jakub

  8. Hi Jakub… I was recently bumped off a codeshare flight from YYZ to VIE. The operating carrier was OS and I bought the ticket through AC. As predicted OS is balking at compensation saying that the ticket was AC. I arrived over 8 hours after I should have arrived and given no money for meals etc.
    Should I go after AC for compensation, based on the EU agreement, and if yes should I quote this agreement in my letter.
    How would you approach this?

    Thank you,
    Rob C

    1. Hi Rob, denied boarding issue is clearly regulated and the law states that it’s responsibility of an operating air carrier to provide you with appropriate compensation (regardless where you buy your flight ticket). I’d recommend you to insis on your claims and go after Austrian Airlines. Needless to mention, we’re ready to assist, just let us know. Thanks, Jakub

  9. A question:
    A USA-Germany flight, operated by LH, sold as UA. Cancelled because of LH strike.

    I recognize that the operating carrier, Lufthansa, is an EU carrier, and thus the flight is covered by EU regulations. The flight was cancelled because of a force majeure reason, a strike, and thus a passenger is entitled only to assistance (=hotels, meals), not compensation (=money for delay).

    However, there is one paragraph in EU Regulation No 261/2004 that is bit unclear.

    Article 3 (Scope), 1b states that rules are applied to flights to EU if they are operated by an EU carrier “unless they received benefits or compensation and were given assistance in that third country.”

    However, it does not say what is acceptable level of assistance that a passenger shall be given so that EU rules do not apply. Does it need to be equivalent to what EU rules require? Or would any assistance be enough?

    In this case EU rules define that the carrier shall provide meals and refreshment, and if necessary a hotel accommodation and transportation to there. UA’s own rules do not mandate any assistance for events outside of their control, however, let’s say they would give meal vouchers and arrange a discounted rate at a local hotel. Would this assistance be enough so that they can claim EU rules do not apply in this case?

  10. Hi Jakub

    The second leg of our London-doha-kuala Lumpur flight was delayed by 5 hours. As it’s the second leg that was delayed, does that mean we’re not covered by the EU agreement for compensation? Thanks, Am.

    1. Hello Am, thank you for your question. Assuming that second flight was operated by non-EU air carrier then yes, second leg wasn’t covered by EU legislation. Best, Jakub

  11. I have recently been awarded 600 Euros flight delay compensation from KLM (I can not fault their service) and the money was paid into my employers bank account as the journey involved was for business and they paid for the ticket. The issue is that now my employer is telling me that I have no right to the compensation as I did not pay for the ticket and are refusing to give me the compensation. I always believed that EC 261/20004 was put in place to protect the passenger for their inconvenience and not the person that paid for the ticket. Could you clarify the situation for me. If I am entitled to the compensation where do I go from here? Thanks

    1. Hello Nuttylad, my answer is simple – you’re absolutely right. The regulation 261 of EC, clearly states that the entitlement is related to the passenger, not buyer. However, before making any further steps, make sure that you haven’t agreed with certain conditions of your company. For example, that in case of any compensation paid, you won’t be entitled to a compensation as your company paid for flight tickets. It may change the game quite significantly. Best, Jakub

      1. Thanks for your reply, I have also done a bit of homework on this. I have been awarded the compensation by my employer.
        My employer could only claim this compensation if they had a clause in my employment contract stating that if if made a claim according to EU/EC 261/2004 that I would waver the right to the claim. I have also found out that Airlines are also obliged to pay this money into the accounts of the person that paid for the tickets, they can also contact you to verify this. they don’t want to get into the legal wranglings between employers and employees.
        The short of it is:
        If you don’t have a pre-written agreement between you and your employer……the person that makes the claim is entitled to the compensation.

        Cheers Jakub, and I ope that this information can be of use to others.

        1. I am glad you have managed it so well and thank you for sharing your process. I have one note, even though that airlines probably have something about to whom are obliged to pay the compensation, 261 is clear (presumably, airlines are assuming that buyer and passenger will be the same person). We faced multiple cases, where the compensation was paid directly to us (on passengers behalf) even though it was a business trip. Anyway, thanks and have a good day!

  12. Hello,
    Would love a little advice with my situation. I purchased tickets through AA for flights operated by BA. My flight from LHR-PHL was cancelled by BA and I was rebooked (thanks to the help of an AA agent over the phone) to a flight the next day. Should I apply for compensation with BA since they are the operators? When I apply for my flight should I use the BA flight codes (which I have access to when I check in online with BA) or my AA flight codes since I originally booked my tickets through AA?

    1. Hi Maggie, Thank you for your question. The operating carrier is always responsible for flight disruptions which means that you can make a complaint through British Airways with their BA flight number. Also, I would like to recommend that is always better to send them a copy of boarding pass or booking. Hope it helps and let us know the results! 🙂 Kamila

  13. Hi Jakub,

    I booked a flight with emirates from lisbon to Sydney. The flight from dubai to Sydney was operated by qantas and got delayed through mechanical problems for over 2 days. I had to stay in dubai for those 2 days. Emirates now tells me that I have to deal directly with qantas as it was their flight not emirates that got cancelled. Qantas says that they can only give me a letter stating what happened that I should then take to my travel insurance company. What can/should I do in this case? Thanks a lot

  14. Hi Jakub,
    I had a similar problem but confused by the EU rules, I bought my ticket in one trip by all KLM flights, via KLM official website, DUB-AMS-BSJ-DAL, of course, the last flight was codeshared with ( carried by CHINA SOUTHERN AIRLINE), then the delay was in Beijing, finally arrived Dalian for more than 12 hours late. I checked with KLM, they refused to pay anything saying it was the fault of China Sothern Airline, but it was from inside EU to Outside EU and within one ticket with KLM flight NO. in this case, does it apply to the EU rules? Many thanks for your help. regards, Yu

  15. Hi Jakub,
    I was wondering if you could help I’m not sure where I stand in regards the EU rules. I recently got turned down for compensation by KLM on a codeshare flight. I was flying from Chicago to Cork via Detroit and Amsterdam. The flight from Chicago to Detroit, operated by Delta was delayed, causing me to be rerouted from Detroit to Cork via Paris. In total it was a 5 hour delay. KLM have informed me that as the flight was operated by a US airline I’m not entitled to compensation. This is despite the fact all flights were purchased on the one ticket from the marketing airline KLM. Do I have any claim? Thanks for your help.

  16. Hello Jakub,
    I was looking for advice as to who I should file my claim to. I purchased my ticket from a Travel agent under British Airways (marketing airline), and my flight delay happened under the operating Airline (AA). Sold as BA1545, operated under flight AA 0109
    I was on a layover in Heathrow headed to LAX, we departed on time but had to make an emergency landing in Iceland. The landing was passenger related, but we weren’t given details. We had to fly back to Iceland (where we stayed on ground for about 3 hours). They re-routed us to NewYork. In short, we arrived to LA until 12 hours after the original time.

    Who should i be contacting about compensation?
    it is unclear because i can’t simply file online with AA because my document numbers don’t match their criteria.

  17. Hi Jakub,
    I booked the ticket with KLM for SFO-AMS-DEL while returning from Delhi their KLM’s code share airline Jet Airways charged me for excess baggage however KLM has free baggage allowance. Now KLM is saying they cannot refund as this is charged by Jet airways not by them. Please advise.

  18. se until I reached the other side. The officer had our belongings all over the table a if we were “criminals” but found nothing. He refused to call the supervisor and I was not allowed to take a photograph to prove my point of harassment, intimidation and just very rude behavior on the part of this officer. Could you please help passengers understand their rights; why photos are not allowed in the custom area, and where is the best place to file a complaint with some recourse.

  19. Hi Claimair team! I booked flights with my family through the KLM
    website. On the e-ticket, it mentioned only KLM flight codes, not
    mentioning some of the flights were operated by Etihad Airlines, their
    codeshare partner. On the return journey, the first leg on Etihad was 12
    hours late, and I missed my connection which wouldve been on KLM – I
    was rebooked on Etihad and ended up getting back home to Europe (UK) 24 hours late! Both are passing the buck. Is there anything I can do or youd advise?

  20. Hello Jakub. I was on a SKG-AMS-HKG flight on April 18. I bought the ticket from KLM. The first flight was a code-share flight operated by Transavia and the second was operated by KLM.

    The first flight was delayed, and I was not able to catch my connection flight, resulting seven hours delay in my case.

    Initially I started a claim on KLM but they are saying

    “Please kindly be informed that according to international Airlines Carriage Agreement, it is the operating carrier to handle all kind of requests for flight irregularity.

    Hence, I would advise you to kindly contact Transavia Airlines to submit your request.”

    Shall I continue to insist the claim on KLM or shall I turn to Transavia?


  21. Hi Jakub,
    I flew last November from Chicago (ord) to Prague with a connection in Berlin (tgl) that was supposed to last an hour. The flight from Berlin to Prague was cancelled with no reason given. I do t believe any extraordinary circumstance were at play, good weather, no strikes or technical difficulties were in play. In fact no one could give us a reason why.
    I purchased the tickets on British Airways but the carrier was Airberlin. When I talked to each airline they each said the other were responsible. From what I have read am I right in assuming I should go after British air for compensation?
    Thanks Lee and Cindy

  22. Hi, we booked a BA flight from Melbourne, Australia to London via singapore.
    The mel-sin sector was operated by qantas and left 2 hours late (mechanical fault), meaning we missed our connection in singapore.
    We were put up overnight and flew on singapore airlines the next day, arriving in London 15 hours late.
    Is there a case for compensation as the booking was a through booking to London and our final arrival in the EU was so late?
    Many thanks

  23. Hi Jakob,
    I had the following problem and United is ignoring my email. Looking for an opinion. Here is what I sent them:

    My military wife and 3 children bought a ticket to come see me in My new deployed location, Doha Qatar (Al Udeid Air Base). Her reservation number was O06D4G. Her flight on 12 July (UA4463) was cancelled out of Atlanta, and so they rebooked her on another flight which was then delayed significantly. They finally rebooked her on UA356 to Newark.
    She arrived at Newark in time to meet her connecting flight to Frankfurt Germany on UA960. When she arrived at Frankfurt on 13 July she was denied boarding on to Lufthansa flight (UA9028/LH634) because the gate agent said United cancelled her and my children’s tickets. She had a ticket in hand, a receipt and she was on the manifest, but the Lufthansa agent said United cancelled your ticket you need to talk to them.
    She was able to get a hold of me and I had to leave my job to talk to customer service. The first United customer agent was very polite and rebooked her on Turkish Airlines (UA6904). When she arrived at the gate after a 30 minute walk, she was told by the attendant that she was not on the flight and that it was already full. I told United customer service over the phone and he called the attendant personally. After waiting for over 1.5 hours on hold for him to get back to me, I had my wife call customer service and have someone find out if he was doing anything.
    He eventually picked up the line again and said he made a mistake and my family was now booked on the Turkish airlines 7pm flight to Istanbul. I questioned whether it was full too. He said he would recheck and after 20 minutes he came back and said they were NOW on the 10pm flight to Istanbul then to Doha. I told him I wanted to check the Turkish airlines website first. Luckily I did because my wife and kids (6, 8, & 11 years old) were all booked on different flights leaving Frankfurt at different times and arriving at different times both in Istanbul and Doha.
    I let the agent know that was unacceptable and that I needed to talk to a manager. The manager told me the flights were full again and that he would RE-book them Again but that the only available flight now was the next day, 14 July, on Turkish Airlines (TK1598) at 7am arriving at Doha on 15 July. I told him ok but that we need a Voucher for a hotel and food as there is no place for them to wait or sleep after flying for nearly 20 hours already. He said we needed to talk to the United rep at the gate and they would take care of the Voucher for lodging and food but that he couldn’t do it. I let him know there was no United rep and that there were NO united people anywhere in the airport. He said I was incorrect and there were United Reps there and gave me a phone number (+69 6907 1154) and location of where to go. The phone number did not work. He insisted it did and told him to call it himself. He said he did and it worked just fine but that the line went to a computer because the United people must be busy. I called again and it did not work. I then called +49 6907 1154 and got the same recording he did.
    My wife walked to where he said to go and took pictures of the empty counters and when I told him there was no one to talk to he insisted I was lying and hung up the phone. He did not call back.
    My wife was able to find a Turkish Airlines rep who confirmed they had reservations the following day but that they had not been ticketed.
    Unfortunately all the hotels in Frankfurt were booked save one at the airport that only had a room available for 382.50 Euro for the night. My wife would now be 2 days late to see me and I don’t have leave to be able to extend my time to visit with her.
    Just before my wife went to bed on 13 Jul at 11pm she checked Turkish Airways website to ensure everything was still good. To her surprise she was no longer booked on Turkish Airways. She checked Uniteds website and it showed a Turkish Airways at 7am to Istanbul and a Lufthansa flight to Kuwait. She asked that I call United. They agent confirmed that someone had made a new booking but didn’t know why. I told her I would prefer the Lufthansa LH634 flight on 14 Jul but that I was worried she would be booked on another oversold flight. For the 4th time on the 5th flight now I was assured that would not be the case. After we ended the call I Direct Messaged United on Twitter as I didn’t want to post this without giving United a chance to correct this. They assured me the flight was good to go and told me to contact this website to have this fixed.
    The United customer service has been atrocious. I need vouchers for the food and lodging that they had to get because of the bafoonery with the rebookings and then vouchers for flights so that I can see my family again while I’m here for 2 years. We don’t make that much money in the military and this has been a disaster.

    1. Hi Ryan, thanks for sharing this story with us. Indeed, it must have been a disaster… I can’t believe that this can happen in 2017! To summarize it – despite the initial cancellation/delay, your wife and children made it to Newark for their scheduled flight to Frankfurt. When they reached Frankfurt, their connections were for some reason removed from the itinerary. I guess that it was caused by the initial delay/cancellation as agents somehow wrongly assumed that they won’t make it for the connecting flights… unfortunatelly without additional assistance. I’d recommend you to get in touch with the airline that operated the flight from Frankfurt… they keep all records relating to the itinerary and will determine what exactly went wrong. Moreover, since they denied boarding the valid booked flight they are responsible for compensation of all extra expenses (up to €1,400 liability limit). I hope it helps, Ryan… let me know. Jakub

  24. Hi Jakub, thanks for this great info site! Here is a summary of our situation: We had a Lufthansa ticket but the flight from Amsterdam to Newark was operated by United Airlines. The flight was cancelled, and we were put up in a hotel in Holland for a night. A new flight was introduced next day (which was also delayed by 4 hours), and we arrived more than 1 day later to our destination. Do you think we are eligible for the EU compensation, and if yes, should we claim it from Lufthansa? Thanks a lot, Agnes

    1. Hi Agnes! Since the flight is an EU outbound flight, all flights are covered by the EC261 regulation. So yes, you’re eligible for compensation. However, bear in mind that airlines aren’t always obliged to pay in case they can prove that the disruption was caused by extraordinary circumstances It may become complex so keep in mind that we can take care of your case from A to Z. Jakub

  25. Hi Jakub
    This has also happened to me in that I had a through ticket from man- Miami via Atlanta. All portions of the ticket show Virgin as the carrier and this is who I bought the ticket through. On arrival in Atlanta we discovered that Delta were the carrier to Miami. They cancelled the flight and we arrived 7 hours late in Miami . Delta say they are not subject to eu261/2004 Virgin says it’s Deltas responsibility ! I thought with the Folkerts ruling and the fact that we were on a through ticket we would be covered and it’s Virgins responsibility ? Please can you advise ?

    1. Hi Carol. The decisive fact is that the cancelled flight didn’t originate nor end in the European Union, thus EC261 doesn’t apply. The USA doesn’t regulate delays/cancellations… only in case the disruption caused you some extra expenses, these can be claimed. Jakub

  26. I booked a flight with finnair but it was operated by American Airlines. The flight from JFK to Dublin airport was delayed 5 hours. Can I claim compensation eu 261/2004 with finnair?

  27. Hi jakub , I booked a flight with finnair but it was operated by American Airlines. The flight from JFK to Dublin airport was delayed nearly 6 hours. Who do I claim from finnair or American Airlines?

    1. Hi Adrian, it’s the operating airline that is liable. However, the EC261/2004 regulation applies only to inbound EU flights that are operated by EU-based airline, so it seems to be you’d just waste your time. The only option is to claim compensation based on the Montreal Convention for provable extra expenses that occurred as a result of the delay (missed night at hotel, new flight you had to pay, food, etc.). I hope it helps. Jakub

  28. Hi Jakub, my mom bought a ticket with AA, operated by Iberia (Malaga, Spain to Boston). We bought specifically that one because of AA’s baggage allowance at the time (2 checked in bags for free). We called AA to double check and they confirmed this allowance on two separate occasions (I called AA in the US, she called AA in Spain). The day of the flight, Iberia land crew tells her the allowance is determined by the operating airline and she has to pay 75 euros. We have filed a claim with AA as the marketing airline. On the phone they’ve said she shouldn’t have been charged and deserves to be reimbursed. On email, they tell us it’s the operating airline’s responsibility. What do you think? How should we best proceed?

    If anything, AA’s costumer service should have told us about the correct baggage allowance policy before the flight.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Manuela, this is out of scope of the legislation we work with. It’s more a matter of terms of carriage. Generally speaking, marketing airline mostly utilize terms of operating airline, for the sake of simplicity when handling passengers. So I guess that your were rather provided with misleading information. But before making a conclusion, do read the terms. Jakub

  29. Hi @jakubladraclaimaircom:disqus :

    Got a Lufthansa flight operated by United Airlines from San Fransisco to Frankfurt and then a connecting flight (operated by lufthansa) to Florence (italy).

    The United Airlines flight was delayed with more than 4 hours. Called Lufthansa and they are saying that I don’t have a right for compensation. Is this correct?

    1. It’s correct if you consider your eligibility based on the European regulation – it covers EU inbound flights operated by EU-based airlines. If you had some extra expenses due to the delay that you can prove by receipts, there is a chance for reimbursement. Check it by filing your case in our system. Jakub

  30. Hi Jakob, my father and I booked separate flights with BA but were travelling together to Charlotte NC from Heathrow for his hospital appointment the next day. He’s 81 years old.The flight was operated by American Airlines.

    I was checked in but was told my father was not on the system. We had a print out of the booking and that was used to trace his ticket number. We were told that AA had to seek authorisation from BA to put him on the flight. When they eventually got authorisation from BA it was too late for us to board.

    We were then put on an indirect UA flight to Dulles. We missed our connecting flight due to a delay on the UA flight. We arrived the next day to find that my luggage had been left at Heathrow. The luggage arrived a day later. I wrote to BA and the response was that I should take it up with AA because they cannot find anything from their paperwork to show that my father was not on the system.

    My argument is that
    1. our contract was with BA.
    2. They have not done any investigation. Their calls are recorded and if they want to know, we have the exact date and time of the call from AA to BA so they can find out what exactly went wrong.

    3. They can call the lady at AA customer services to verify.

    I want to escalate the case to cedr. Do you think I have a case

    1. Hi Rebecca! There was probably a fault either in the system of BA or AA (so the agent couldn’t have done more at that moment), but you shouldn’t care… whatever it was, you were denied boarding against your will and must be compensated. I hope it helps. Jakub

  31. Hello Jakub. I was travelling from JFK via LHR to WAW. The flight from JFK was delayed 4 hours and I missed the connecting flight in LHR. As a result I landed in WAW with almost 12h delay (!).
    The flight was codeshared. Booked with Finnair, but operated as follows: JFK to LHR by American Airlines and LHR to WAW by British Airways (although finally they put me in a LOT flight as there were no more BA flights that day). In addittion, due to such long delay, for the journey from WAW to POZ that I was supposed to do by train, I had to book an additional last minute flight to be able to return home the same day (I know that doesn’t concern the airlines, but just to draw the full picture of my costs). Is there any chance to get a compensation for the whole journey, starting from JFK even though the operating airline was American? Or I can only be compensated for the LHR – WAW part? Which airline is it best to contact?

    Thanks a lot,

    1. Hi Ewa. Unfortunately fixed compensation steming from EC261 is not due, mainly because the delayed JFK-LHR flight wasn’t operated by any EU-based airline. However, if you can prove the damage by receipts (the difference between the train ticket and new flight that got you home the same day) you can claim compensation at least for this based on the Montreal Convention. Jakub

  32. Hi Jakub,

    I booked my flights and hotel via Expedia to Santorini from Chicago. Outbound flights was operated by British Airways but return flights (3 connecting was operated by Vueling and Iberia).

    According to my Expedia itinerary, all the flights for my trip was booked under one ticket number and the three return flights appeared to be under the Iberia banner although the first flight was ‘operated’ by Vueling airlines. Unfortunately, my first Vueling flight was delayed by 2 hours which meant that I missed my two connecting flights via Iberia back to Chicago.

    Upon arrival at my next destination (Rome) for my connecting flight…I approached both Vueling and Iberia ticket desk and neither airline accepted responsibility and refused to rebook me onto another connecting flight to get me to my final destination. I ended up having to pay for my own ticket back at the cost of $800 and also a hotel via Air Berlin. The lady at the Air Berlin desk said that either Vueling and Iberia should be responsible for rebooking me onto another flight at no extra cost and that their refusal to do so contravenes my passenger rights under the EC regulation 261/2004.

    My question is am I able to claim for compensation for financial loss and inconvenience that the a) delayed flight caused me to miss my two connecting flights and b) the airlines refusal to re-book me onto another flight as per their legal obligations?

    Who is responsible? the initial operating airline Vueling who delayed my first flight OR Iberia as the marketing operating airlines for my final two connecting flights?

    Thank you!

      1. Hi Jakub,
        Thank you for your response. Vueling have repeatedly rejected my claim for compensation for the delay and their liability around the provision of passenger assistance which I did not receive whilst stranded. Their argument is that I don’t have a claim for compensation as my 2 hour delay does not satisfy the 3 + hour requirement and that it was not their responsibility to re-route me as my connecting flights were with Iberia. Do I still have a right to claim before I pursue a claim application via ClaimAir?

        Thank you

        1. Hi Sam, you can always check your entitlements through our platform without authorizing us to pursue your claim. If your connecting flights are on the same itinerary and you reached your final destination with 3+ hrs delay, you might be entitled to compensation. Please give our platform a try, it’s difficult to clearly determine your eligibility without all details. Our system will guide you to find out. Thanks, Jakub

  33. I purchased 5 tickets from British Airways from SFO to Athens Greece, via ORD and LHR. The first flight was SFO-ORD via codeshare American Airlines. The first leg SFO-ORD was delayed so therefore I would not make my connection ORD-LHR-ATH. British Airways said it was American Airline responsibility to get me to ATH. I called American Airlines and they rebooked us and got us to Athens. British Airways apparently did not get the message and canceled my family of 5 business class tickets return 3 weeks later, The flight was sold out and I was forced a sleepover in LHR with zero compensation on the return and arrived home 24 hours later. Am I entitled to any compensation for the negligence of British Airways?

    1. Hi Kristina, it’s clear that BA is liable and should compensate you for this mishap… this issue is not regulated, so just contact BA via their contact form, describe the situation and require specific compensation. It’s clear it was their fault which makes me believe you will succeed easily. Jakub

  34. Hello, my stepson had a flight delay of 7 hours travelling from Berlin
    to Chicago. It was an AirSerbia flight operated by AirBerlin. In Chicago
    he missed his next (USA) flight and had to stay overnight. At AirBerlin
    counter in Chicago they told him (it was in August 2017) that they are
    facing bankruptcy and they cannot even provide hotel for him but he has
    to manage himself. I tried to claim with AirSerbia directly but they
    refused saying that the flight was operated by AirBerlin and that I need
    to contact them. Is it normal, what should I do? Thank you.,Marija

    1. Hi Marija, it’s true that it’s an operating airline (Air Berlin) that is liable. The insolvency proceeding seems to be resolved soon (Lufthansa and easy Jet are negotiating about a possible handover). We monitor the situation and once the insolvency is over, we’ll continue with ongoing claims. Feel free to file your case at so we can assist also in your case. Jakub

  35. Hi Jakub,
    My flight from Prague to AMS was cancelled with less than 24 hours to go. It make us miss our connecting flight from AMS to LAX. Both were KLM operated flights. It was purchased as one ticket via Delta, but none of the flights were operated by Delta. Both were KLM as i had to check in and choose seats on the KLM website. We were put on different flights, but ended up leaving 6 hours later and arriving almost 12 hours later to our destination. Seems like a clear and cut case, yes? It was 4 of us.

    1. Hi Azriel, thanks for explaining your case. Indeed, it’s very clear and you should be compensated (€600 each traveler) – of course, the reason for the cancellation will play its role (extraordinary or not) but if you allow us, we’d take care and will use our legal power to investigate. Will you please file your case in our system? Just visit – it won’t take you more than a few minutes. Btw. did you know that we’re based in Prague? 🙂

  36. Hi Jakub,
    Great website I’m trying to understand a bit more about code share flights and hoping you might be able to share a bit of advice?

    We booked flights in June this year through with Air Berlin (as the marketing airline) on a codeshare with (the operating Airlines) BA and Etihad flying from London to Sri Lanka in December this year.
    BA – London to Dusseldorf
    Etihad – Dusseldorf to Abu Dhabi
    Etidah – Abu Dhabi to Colombo Sri Lanka and the same in reverse

    Lastminute say on their system we still have flights and they are 100% confirmed, but our flights are not visible on our manage my booking with BA or Etihad which makes me think all is not right.

    I read somewhere else that Air Berlin are only continuing flights until the end of November. I thought all their flights had stopped at the end of October? I thought we only still had flights because of the One World codeshare arrangements, but does the end of flights at the end of November refer to code shares being cancelled?

    We have booked accommodation independently and to cancel and get our money back on this we need to let them know as soon as possible.

    Do you know any more information about what will happen to code share flights with Air Berlin after November?

    Many thanks for your help.


    1. Hi Lisa, you should certainly check with operating airlines (BA, EY) whether flights are still duly scheduled. I believe that the answer will be positive, but it won’t probably solve your issue. The fact is that you paid for the flight tickets directly to Air Berlin. This works the way that marketing airlines (AB) settle such transactions on a monthly basis or so… therefore, if your money didn’t reach BA and EY before AB went bankrupt, operating airlines might have cancelled your reservation. Reach out to them to find out. We monitor the situation around AB, so freely subscribe to our newsletter ( – at the bottom) so we can keep you posted. I hope it helps! Jakub

      1. Thank you so much for your advice Jakub,
        I will contact BA and Etihad and see if they can give me an answer. Will also sign up to your newsletter! 🙂 Have a good weekend!

  37. Hi – i booked a flight on Delta with a code share agreement with Aeromexico – aeromexico lost my bag and I have been cooperating with them for over a year and now they have shut down all my communications and I cannot resolve my lost bag issue – delta has refused to cooperate and i have now filed a small claims assessment in court – you mention in your comment that by regulation and low that Delta is still responsible – do you have any of that background info so that I could use that for my defense

    1. Hi Anil! Yes, the operating airline is the one that is liable I’m sorry but we’re unable to give proper recommendation as we’d need to evaluate all details of your case first. Of course, we can do it once you file your case in our system… but in such case we’d keep our success fee and since you’ve gone so far by yourself I think this is not an option for you. J.

  38. Jakub,
    My daughter and I booked with Qantas to fly from Aberdeen (ABZ) to Dubai (DXB) via LHR
    The ABZ – LHR leg is operated by BA (although our tickets showed a Qantas flight code)
    BA cancelled the ABZ-LHR flight 6 hours before departure and we therefore missed our connection to DXB.
    I have claimed compensation from Qantas, but they say that, since BA was the operator for the cancelled flight that I should claim compensation from them.
    Are they correct or just trying to fob me off.
    If they are correct, do I have any claim for compensation for the missed LHR-DXB flight which caused the loss of a days vacation
    Thank You
    Bruce McPherson

    1. Hi Bruce, thanks for the comment. Yes, you should claim compensation from BA. The compensation relates to the overall situation (delay + missed connection = delayed arrival), so you may be entitled to €600 per passenger. It’s also possible to claim compensation for personal damage, but you must clearly declare the loss from a financial perspective (e.g. by invoice). If you need our helping hand, feel free to file your claim at Thanks, J.

      1. Jakub,
        Thanks for the prompt reply and advice. I have now claimed compensation from BA and will let you know the outcome

  39. Hi Jakub.
    I bought tickets on British Airways from MIA to MXP. It is operated by American Airlines. Coming into the EU. Now we have more than 3 hours delay. I asked the American Airlines representative who told me that I have a contract with British who is an EU based carrier but not the operating. How are my chances for a refund? Thanks!

    1. Hi Chris. It’s true that it’ the operating airline that matters when evaluating compensation eligibility… in other words, EU law doesn’t apply to your case. You can only be compensated for direct financial loss that you can prove by relevant invoices. Have a safe flight! J.

  40. Hi Jakub,
    I had a direct flight with AA from LAX- MUC and had to switch planes in PHL because it was a through flight. (as i just learned a direct flight doesn’t mean it’s a non-stop flight) – so my first flight was delayed by almost 3 hours and caused me to miss the connection flight. They gave me an alternative flight : PHL to London and then London – MUC and I arrived over 5 hours later than my original arrival time.

    It was AA operated but I know they are codesharing with BA – Am I entitled for compensation based on EU regulations?

    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Marianne, unfortunatelly no. The reason is that EC261 regulation applies to EU inbound flight only when they’re operated by EU-based airline. Your delayed flight wasn’t EU inbound flight, it was an intrastate US flight, disallowing the trigger based on EC261. I hope it at least help you understand how it works. Let me know if you have any questions. Jakub

    2. Hi Jakub. I booked a flight through Iberia from Miami to Barcelona. The fligt was operated by AA and it was cancelled after 4 hours on the plane because the pilots were not allowed to do the flight since they did not comply with certain regulations. Am I entitled to compensation for being Iberia a European company and for being the flight destination Barcelona?

  41. Hi Jakub,
    I was due to fly from JFK to LHR on 2nd April at 10:10. I booked via British Airways and have a BA confirmation code; and the flight is operated by American Airlines.
    The flight was cancelled just before take off due to plane maintenance issues.
    The flight has now been delayed to 19:00 – a 9 hour delay.
    Could you help me with whether I am eligible for compensation, and who I should claim this to – BA or AA?
    Thanks so much,

  42. Hello,

    I hope you can give me some advice on this matter. In
    December I booked, under a single booking, a flight for me and my children with
    Brussels Airlines (BA). It involved two flights but they were sold by BA under
    a single booking. The first flight however was operated by BMI regional. The
    days before the flight had been snowing, but not the day of the flight. When we
    were about to board we were told that they had to deice the plane and that we
    would take off late. In the end we took off more than an hour later than the
    scheduled time and this meant we missed the connecting flight. Also, while we
    were waiting inside the aircraft to take off I explained to the air hostess that
    we had a connecting flight and that I was very worried about missing it. She went
    away and came back with what looked like a passengers list and told me not to
    worry. She asked “you are going to Bilbao, aren’t you?”. When I confirmed this,
    she said something like “don’t worry. They (the Bilbao bound flight) know
    you’re here. They’ll wait for you. If when we land there is not much time left
    they’ll send someone to get you and take you to the plane and if there is
    enough time then you can make your own way there, but you don’t have anything
    to worry about”. I was still concerned and worried as I was traveling with
    two children, so I asked her again ” everything is okay then? Will they
    wait for us?” And once again she assured me the flight SN3713 would wait
    for us and we would not miss our connection. Minutes later I heard her talking
    to another passenger, also worried about missing a connecting flight at 11.05,
    and once again she assured him he had plenty of time and he wouldn’t miss the
    connection. So looks like it was the standard lie she was telling us all. When
    we finally landed, there was about 15 minutes left for my second flight to take
    off, but I wasn’t worried as I believed what she had said. We didn’t exit the
    plane straight away, but had to wait for the luggage handlers to come, and that
    took 10 minutes more, which left me with only 5 minutes to spare. When we were
    leaving the aircraft I asked her where the staff who was coming to collect us
    were, and she looked at me like if she didn’t know me and told me that nobody
    was coming to get us and that we had to make our own way to the other plane,
    which wasn’t waiting for us and we missed.

    After lots of queuing, waiting and pleading, they finally
    found us the last two seats in the evening’s flight (which was also delayed by
    an hour….) When we finally arrived in Bilbao, 12 hours later than expected,
    our suitcase was not there. All the other suitcases had arrived but ours (at
    midnight, me and my two children were the only ones at the lost baggage desk).
    The Brussels airlines staff at this desk told me that as my suitcase wasn’t
    there and I wasn’t at home then I should buy everything I needed for my babies
    and myself and then claim it back and they would reimburse me. So what was my
    surprise when I was told that they would not reimburse me, and that the reason
    for that was that as it was snowing in Brussels that day then there was a chaos
    with all the suitcases!

    After involving the ADR, they have offered to pay for the
    expenses but not any compensation. They claim that the fight was operated by
    BMI regional and I should claim to them. Even if flight SN4402 was operated by BMI
    regional, my contract was with Brussels Airlines. As my booking proves, the
    flights were sold by Brussels Airlines, not by BMI regional, under a single
    booking and I paid the money to Brussels Airlines on that booking, not to BMI
    regional. If then Brussels Airlines decides to “subcontract” that flight and
    ask another company to operate it, that’s their problem and they should sort it
    out between themselves, that does not affect me. I did not book any flights
    with BMI regional and my contract was not with them, but with Brussels

    Who should I make my claim to?

  43. Hi Jakub. I bought tickets on Lot Polish Airlines codeshare flight LO4044 from SIN to LHR at date 11sep2018. It is operated by Singapore Airlines. Now today (13jun2018) we have received the E-mail from travel agency, they asked me refund this ticket due to some commercial and operational change of Lot Polish Airlines and Singapore Airlines. They are not able to provide the air transportation based on some tickets. But we checked with Singapore Airlines they still have codeshare contract with Lot Polish Airlines in the same day and same flight number. We don’t understand why they force our reservation to involuntary refund, or change to other flight? What kind of rule can provide Consumer Protection for this case? May we still remain our originally booking? Our booking still showed confirmed on Lot Polish Airlines and Singapore Airlines website. Thank you!
    (My ticket is from TPE-SIN-LHR-SIN-TPE. The ticket number begin from 080-xxxxxxxxxx)

    1. It’s ruled by the law that in case the airline cancels a flight more than 14 days before scheduled departure, compensation is not due. Since the flight wasn’t actually canceled, your matter is more of contractual grounds – just check details of your contract to find out.

      1. Thank you very much! When travel agency issued the ticket only gave us the link for “IATA – Conditions of contract and other important notices – General ” nothing else about involuntary refund. The flight wasn’t actually canceled, that’s why we don’t understand we should refund or reroute our booking. So they still can cancel our booking without our agreement? Thank you again!

        1. It’s hard to say without knowing all details. This apparently isn’t an airline’s issue, so it’s out of the scope of legal frameworks we use for delays, cancellations, etc. I’m afraid that you’ll have to dig deeper into any existing contract to find out more. In my opinion, if the flight wasn’t canceled, the agency can’t dismiss your agreement… but I’m not an expert in this contractual field. J.

          1. Really thanks for your advice, I will try my best to figure out what’s wrong with this case.
            thank and Best regards!

  44. Hi Jakub,
    I paid for an upgrade to business class for my wife from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne ( Australia).
    Tickets were purchased for travel on Etihad, with the return flight from Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi being operated by KLM. My wife awoke in the morning to find that KLM had cancelled the flight (11.20am) and instead had put her on a Singapore Airline flight which was flying to Singapore then on to Australia. On contacting Etihad they informed her that as she is unable to get her connecting flight from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne, that she is not entitled to a refund for business class upgrade.
    My wife informed Etihad that she wished to go to Abu Dhabi but refused and said you have to go by Singapore Airlines.
    Can we claim and then who from. Noting that the upgrade is greater than 600 euros.
    Thank You

  45. I had a return BA flight flown by AA in brackets from Charleston via Charlotte to London that was cancelled when I got to the airport. AA would not pay because they were not covered by the EU rules flying from America. And BA are telling me to claim from AA. Any suggestions how to claim.

  46. Hi Jakub… last November we were travelling from Durban DUR to Livingston LVI (Zambia) via Johannesburg JNB on a Codeshare flight (BA6291) with reserved window seats booked through BA but operated by Comair.

    While waiting at JNB departure gate we noticed our onward flight had been cancelled yet other flights to LVI and VFA were taking off. We were eventually booked on a 1 hr later flight but to Victoria Falls VFA (Zimbabwe). On arrival we had to purchase Zimbabwe Visas just to land and were offered no assistance on getting to Livingstone (Zambia) where we had to buy a further Visa (originally planned).

    I have been trying to claim compensation from BA as they are a ‘European based operator’ for the flight (even though the flight was not into or out of the UK) – they are claiming that the flight was cancelled for ‘adverse weather conditions’, which clearly was not the case as others flights were operating and the alternative flight left I hr later.

    The latest reply is stating ‘your claim for compensation has been refused because British Airways didn’t operate BA6291 on 01 November 2017. If you contact Comair they’ll be able to consider your claim.’
    Surely under the codeshare rules BA are responsible as the marketing carrier and should be dealing with the compensation for cancelled flight, lack of advance notice & reason for cancellation, lack of assistance with phone calls, emails, onward assistance to original destination, loss of paid for seat reservations, extra-ordinary costs for Visas to country not originally travelling to?
    Should I go back to BA under the codeshare rules agreement as I feel they are the ones we had the contract with (through the travel agent).
    Please could you advise how I proceed with this?
    Thank you,
    Peter L

  47. Thanks for sharing its very informative blog!! There are many things that the customer is willing to know or discuss with the professional team of American Airlines. Thanks to the American Airlines phone number, communication is so much easier for anything and everything!

  48. Hi Jakub. Thanks for all the articles and feedback. I am in a bit of a fix with the ‘ticket’ airline in regards to a case of denied boarding due to extended delay of documents checking at check-in stage. I quoted your argument that I can claim with either ‘ticket’ or ‘operating’ airline and they reverted with a link to the EU law site which is pretty clear and seems they are right and that I can only claim with the operating airline. See here: which states:
    2.2.3. Application to operating air carriers
    In accordance with Article 3(5), the operating air carrier is always responsible for the obligations under the Regulation and not, for example, another air carrier which may have sold the ticket. The notion of operating air carrier is presented in recital 7.

    What arguments do I have in view of this?

  49. Hi Jakub
    My Daughters flight from JFK New York to Edinburgh which she booked and paid for on British airways web site. Boarded the Plane waited 3 hrs due to a problem, off loaded all passengers back to Teminal, another 2 hr delay, then boarded another plane, sat for 3 hrs couldn’t find a pilot, off loaded all passengers again back to terminal another delay and announced the flight was cancelled, put up in a hotel overnight, for next day flight, so total delay was 24+ hrs, BA pased claim onto American Airlines who offered a flight voucher, went back to BA who I said were equally responsible but they declined any compensation, do I have a case for compensation ?

    Tony H

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